Detailed Email Chart (for the Color Blind)

Blue = “Generally good”
Brown = “Something of concern”
Yellow = “Something major of concern”
Blank = “Undefined or for reader’s knowledge only”

See what these fields mean here.

Not color blind?  The regular version of the table can be found here.

I make every effort to keep the data on the Email Comparison Chart up to date.  However, parts of it could potentially be incorrect for various reasons – including if a given Email service is not transparent and does not make the data available on their official site.  Please do your own research if this is of concern.  Note also that if a company does not make available certain data on their website, I may assume the worst and a default field will be used.  This in no way means I am making a claim about a service, but rather noting the data they lack.

If you are with an Email company and you’d like to request an update to your information, feel free to contact me citing a proper source on the official website and I will be happy to update your data!

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